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Имя: Dortha
Дата: 18 Aug 16 04:27pm
One more thought: the world is a seductive place for us all, but particularly so for a young person. Dr William Marra (RIP) was a wonderful apologist for hocnimhoolseg and used to say, when asked why someone might consider such a step that the first moral principle is to "do no evil." Therefore, if there is no good school available to a family, letting your children sit around the kitchen table playing cards all day (OK, a bit facetious) is preferable to keeping them in a harmful environment. This won't guarantee there will never be a rebellion but it will certainly cut down on the percentage of children who do.
Имя: Lynn
Дата: 28 Jul 12 02:41am
For the love of God, keep wirntig these articles.